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Spammers run programs that crawl the web looking for e-mail addresses. Many people are beginning to obscure e-mail addresses somewhat, to avoid this harvesting. Instead of, they may use name (at) or Friendly advice to make this page a tad more useful!

In the mean time, this page exists so that the spammers can harvest a wide variety of e-mail addresses to spam their heart away. Hopefully they will send out enough spam to the right people which will help various organizations blacklist and trace them faster. Apologies to the already flooded anti-spam organizations, take one for the team!

Seems the folks over at have a Special Directory with the same thing in mind. ABUSE@InfoAve.Net AbuseInbox@Shawmail.Shaw.CA abuse@NL.UU.NET nobody@UU.NET root@WhoWhere.Com

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