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A few people have asked "What is the DIA.?" Well many stories are told of Pope Kael's journey to the Frogstar - the most totally evil place in the galaxy and his capture by the Illuminati!. 10% of them are 95% true, 14% of them are 65% true, 35% of them are only 5% true, and all the rest of them are ... told by Pope Kael. Only one wholly accurate account exists, and that is locked in a trunk in the attic of Kael's favourite mother, Mrs Betty Beeblebrox of 10 to the 8th Astral Crescent Zoofroozelchester, Betelgeuse Five.

Though countless people have tried cajolery, bribery or threats to get hold of it she has carefully guarded it from all eyes for many years, waiting for what she calls 'the right price'. But one fairly well documented episode is referred to by Beeblebroxologists as the 'Hey Roosta, I've just had this really hoopy idea' incident.

The acronym DIA originally stood for "Dreams into Action" and the business was originally set up as a focal point to provide internet solutions and marketing ideas. That was a phase of my life where I integrated with the main stream populace and attempted to extort financial remuneration from the socio-economic culture of Australia in a vain attempt to put food on our table. Personally, I believe it’s far easier to grow your own food if only we were given the opportunity and the land to do it, but that’s a whole different topic of discussion. In the subsequent years we developed a profitable service and support business with SCS Enterprises Australia but we always encountered customer discontent with the glorified notion of Information Technology and the Internet. Let’s face it, the Internet is a big place and it seems to me that the current economic climate is not conducive to helping people understand the complexities involved.

Anyway, that phase of my life is over and the Acronym D.I.A. has been usurped and now stands for the Discordian Illuminat! of Australia, and you will find more weirdness about that and how Eris has had a major effect on the lives of me and our group, our friends and our associates, later!

For now though, I think it’s probably the right place to expand upon the name. Obviously, the “of Australia” part of the name is self explanatory, but not exclusive. We now have a chapter house located in Melbourne, London and the US, but these are early times and our goal of world domination is only a few steps or countries away. To understand the “Discordian Illuminati” part, you probably need to expand your consciousness a little and read some of the more esoteric works that have been published. Luckily for you, understanding the semantics of the name Discordian Illuminati is fairly simple.

Step 1: Read the Principia Discordia – an online version can be found here or you can purchase it from the Amazon book store.

Step 2: Read “The Illuminatus! Trilogy” by Robert Shae and Robert Anton Wilson – still available from Amazon

Step 3: Denounce religion as a master conspiracy

Step 4: Make yourself a silly hat and run around giving everyone Pope Cards

Step 5: Join us in our attempt to increase the level of universal uncertainty within the population to find like minded souls who have woken up and identified the robot.

Oh, by the way, “Discordian” refers to everything that is Eristic and “Illuminati!” Refers to everything that is Aneristic, so the name is in balance, which unknowingly to most Discordians is the central idealism contained within Discordianism. As for the existence of the fabled Illuminati, well do they really exist or are they simply an archetype of our collective unconscious which pops up in movies like Tomb Raider?

Eristic = pertaining from Eris

Aneristic = everything else

It’s a sort of YinYang thing and symbolized by the Sacred Chao.

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