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Contained herein are the pages that come together to form the Ka'el`isti Manifesto. The most holey of holy books of the 21st century, and a bright beacon of knowledge and wisdom, and right up there with some celestial works such as The Encyclopaedia Galactica and The Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy.

Warning! Proceed at your own risk.

...You Might Be A Discordian If...

  • If you've ever cast a sacred oblong.

  • If you've ever drank Irish whiskey and listened to The Doors as part of a religious experience.

  • If you've ever cast the Circle with a fishing rod.

  • If you've ever invoked the quarters Washington, Bicentennial, Canadian and Silver.

  •  If your chalice is from McDonalds™.

  •  If you've ever set up 3 card Monty on the side of your tarot booth.

  • If your idea of a hex is screaming “Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!”.

  • If you've ever done the “Great Left”.

  • If your athame is a spork.

  • If your coven sword is a light sabre.

  • If you've ever invoked a cartoon character.

  • If you've ever wiped your ass with “Principia Discordia”.

  • If you carry a Pope Card, but not an I.D. Card.

  • If your ritual feast consists of Pepsi Cola and Spam.

  • If halfway through the five-fold-kiss you stop to zerbert your HPS.

  • If your Book Of Shadows is written on toilet paper.

  • If you've ever begun a rite with “The Circle is open”.

  • If you drive a F(N)ORD.

  • If you have more than 1 can of spam in your cupboard.

  • If you've ever invoked the Goddess with a wolf-whistle.

  • If you're afraid that the paranoids are watching you.

  • If you've ever eaten an apple and realised you're naked.

  • If you're reading the Ka'el`isti Manifesto.

(Then again you could just be a little bit weird)

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