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I guess it's only a natural evolution process at work here, but as soon as you put up your own web pages, you find your friends have also. Then is seems appropriate that we should include these links on our own pages as a gesture of solidarity. Anyway, here are some useful links to internet sites of my friends and associates which you may find of interest. Oh, by the way, these aren't necessarily anything to do with Discordianism, but who cares?

  • Applegrove Online - Applegrove is a Sydney based witchcraft group which runs Pagan gatherings and teaching circles.

  • Church of All Worlds (Australia) - A community group trying to make a difference

  • Magick - A wonderful community and wealth of information by Sally McLennan and her crew

  • New Harran Sanctuary - The Australian chapter of the Et Custosi Tutelae magical order

  • Pagan Awareness Network - Promoting the growth of the Pagan community through service and dedication of David Garland and his crew.

  • Shambhallah - One of the few registered Pagan Celebrants in Australia by Shè D'Montford and a true Discordian at heart - although she won't admit it.

  • Witchcraft - World of Witches, Wicca and Spells - Wicca witches spells and psychic readings, take a tour and learn about the latest trends for the modern witch. Learn about white and black witchcraft and how it can help you in the 21st century

  • Wytchy Ways Workshop - A great starting point for witchy things by Suzanne Maxim

Here are a few pages from our Crew

Here are a few popular eGroups our community have set up.





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