Wednesday , 23 January 2019

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Yeah, Wazza’s playing games again! – Conan Exiles

Today’s stream has Psych, Moefoh and me playing a locally hosted instance of Conan Exiles. I’m fairly familiar with the game mechanics but the other 2 guys aren’t so this is still just another trial run at the style of livestream I plan to run on a regular basis. By all means, check the links below and join my discord …

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Meet-up at Hooters Nana Soi 4

Just another short vlog here where I meet up with Justin again and Tom Best. There wasn’t much to actually film because we spent most of the night in Nana Plaza and they don’t allow filming in there. It was great to actually meet Tom face to face for the first time. I only know him from his channel and …

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Vloggers Meet-up at Seacon Bangkae

As I mentioned in the last video for the day in the life of, I went to meet up with some buddies. The Seacon Bangkae mall is quite new as malls go here in Bangkok but is out of the city so most foreigners don’t get out this far. Justin and Tim are both fairly new to the vlogging scene …

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