Sunday , 29 March 2020

ชิมช้อปใช้ – Chim Shop Chai (Taste Shop Spend)

We’re hearing and seeing the aftermath of the high value of the Thai baht across the international stage. Not only is it making it more expensive for western retirees on fixed incomes, but Thai exports are suffering too. The ‘gift’ from the government is intended to spread the wealth and get Thai’s to visit other provinces to boost local tourism. I’m not sure they thought this through properly, given that mother just wanted to do some grocery shopping. A quick 15-minute drive for us put us in a different province where Chanya’s mother could pick up some household essentials. Chanya was more creative and found a hairdressing supplier on the program which gives her the opportunity to make 4 times the value of the products she purchased. The plan is to incentivise the Thai’s to take trips to different places and spend their own money by kickstarting the deal with a handout. Alas, like most of these hairbrained ideas, it is not working and it now looks like there will be a third phase of the program over the new year.

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