3 Million Baht Health Insurance – What a Joke!

It’s still early days yet but someone at the top level government has put forward the idea of 3 million baht health insurance coverage for all O-A visa holders. Ok, so it’s only money, but why do they target the O-A visa holders considering all the other visa holders get off with no requirements at all! On last Saturday’s live stream, we chatted with Chris who is an Elite Visa cardholder and he talked at length about his experiences with it and this may turn out to be an option. I have no idea how much this new insurance coverage will cost, but I’m sure it will go above the 50,000 baht per year level which is what a 20-year Elite Visa will cost so it does look like it could be on the cards. It is certainly something I’ll be looking at over the next 10 months and see how these things pan out.

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