5 best phones in Thailand and Apple junk!

We often talk about how inexpensive it is to live in Thailand, but when it comes to technology, the pricing is very relative to international standards. Mobile phones are no different! Chanya’s Samsung Note 8 was dropped and she cracked the screen but it took a few months before it finally started to fail. She has always liked Apple and it is one of the very few issues I can’t win on even after buying her the Samsung 3 years ago. She simply likes the simplicity of the Apple OS and doesn’t understand the technology. I do understand the technology and have no time for the Apple gimmicks and marketing. There is nothing wrong with buying Apple shares, but all I see is dumb people being sucked into the marketing hype. If you want a real phone, you need to run the Andriod OS and that’s it!

The Mall Bangkae
เดอะมอลล์ บางแค

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