90-day check-in and then an IKEA walk-through

The need for social distancing in Thailand has allowed Immigration to move the 90-Day check-in to a temporary new location. Thankfully, this location is a lot easier to get too even though it is still a 90-minute drive from our house. The process only took 10 minutes which is a first for me and the clerk assured me that I would be able to use the website notification again when it is due in 3 months time. Now that this is sorted, we take a detour on our way home to drop into the IKEA store to pick up a memory foam mattress topper. Chanya has been complaining that she has a sore back and the memory foam is supposed to help with that. Of course, she wanted to take a good look around so she can get some ideas for decorating our new house when we move in.

Bangkok Immigration temporary location

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