A day out at Iconsiam – New gold line BTS – Who is Warren and Chanya?

After a lot of traffic problems for the western suburbs commuters, the new Gold Line BTS finally opened to the public today. That’s not to say the traffic problems around the area will suddenly go away, but it will make getting to the Iconsiam a lot easier so you can spend all that hard-earned cash! The new Gold Line wasn’t without some teathing problems on their first day and we got there when they had some sort of electrical problem. We weren’t the only people filming the new commuter service either. Problems aside, it will make it easier to get to Iconsiam from the city and anywhere people have access to the public transport network. These new trains are driverless and similar to the shuttle service you see at some large international airports like Singapore’s Changi Airport.
We arrived safely at Iconsiam and Chanya was keen to check out all the shops and spend my money – lol. We had late lunch at the top floor overlooking the river and the central city of Bangkok. Luck would have it that it started raining shortly into our lunch break but there wasn’t a big crowd there so it didn’t present a problem to move seats. All up, Chanya was happy to get a new handbag that wasn’t some cheap copy you find at the markets.


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