Always in a Good Mood at the Good Mood Cafe 😉

Today’s lunch date takes us out to Putthamonthon Sai 7 to a sweet cafe called The Good Mood Cafe. This is also a topic that comes up a lot in the comments section of our videos which is why am I always in such a good mood. In simple terms, being in a good mood is just a mindset and I choose to always look on the bright side of life. There is plenty of things we encounter daily that can ruin your day, but if you focus on the good things, then you’ll find more good in the world than bad. I’ve been mostly blessed with an optimistic outlook on life and this has resulted in good things happening to me and the people around me. The world hasn’t realised that what you involve yourself with will manifest with you and those around you. Go seek positive people out and get involved with those positive vibes and you’ll be amazed at how good stuff comes your way.

Good Mood House @ Phutthamonthon Sai 7

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