Ayutthaya Road Trip with Chanya and Katae

Embark on a unique Wednesday adventure with Katae and Chanya as they take a road trip to Ayutthaya, a historic city just 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of Bangkok. Join us as we explore the rich cultural heritage of this former capital of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, which thrived from the 14th to the 18th century.

In this exciting journey, I relinquish the driver’s seat, allowing myself to immerse myself fully in the beauty of Thailand’s landscapes. Our first stop is the mesmerizing Wat Chaiwatthanaram, an archaeological temple site boasting stunning architecture and a glimpse into the kingdom’s illustrious past. However, we encountered the dual pricing structure issue, shedding light on a topic crucial for enhancing the tourism sector’s inclusivity.

Additionally, Chanya encourages me to embrace the spirit of the occasion by donning traditional Thai attire, and we discover specialized shops catering to this immersive experience. Ayutthaya, with its myriad cultural offerings, captivates visitors with its 700-year-old heritage, making it a must-visit destination for travellers seeking to delve into Thailand’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

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