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Embarking on a journey beyond the confines of the traditional 9 to 5 routine has undeniably reshaped my perspective in the past few years. Balancing work and lifestyle remains a perpetual challenge for many, often leaving us with little control over the company we keep in the workplace. Prioritizing departure from the corporate grind well before the mandated retirement age emerges as a paramount pursuit, enabling us to savour the joys of travel and embrace transformative lifestyle shifts.

As a gamer since the mid-80s, my journey has been enriched by encounters with individuals from every corner of the globe. Yet, the true magic unfolds when these online connections transition into real-world friendships. Embracing gaming as adults, especially in our senior years, has gifted us with boundless hours of enjoyment—an experience that sets us apart from peers who view computer technology solely as a work tool. For many of us, diving into the gaming realm opens up a whole new dimension of entertainment and connectivity, fostering a vibrant community where reality is in constant flux.

Check out the online world of Star Citizen through the creator website Roberts Space Industries

Gulliver’s Tavern Hotel

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