Bangkok hidden gems

During our bi-weekly visit to Bangkok, we found ourselves with a couple of hours to spare between events. Having prepared a list of places to explore, we decided to visit the Papaya Design Furniture Studio, which had caught my attention through numerous blog articles.

Upon arrival, we discovered that Papaya Studio is a treasure trove of unique vintage collectibles from all over the world. It’s difficult to think of any object that couldn’t be found somewhere within this unassuming warehouse building, located in the suburbs of Bangkok. From Scandinavian designer furniture to Chinese porcelain, creepy mannequin dolls to retro racing bikes, life-size action hero figures to thousands of other curiosities, the store is a veritable Valhalla for collectors.

The mastermind behind this eclectic collection is none other than Mr. Tong, an eccentric antique and vintage collector. Over the past 25 years, he has amassed an impressive collection of curiosities that spans the globe.

PAPAYA Design Furniture & Studio

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