Bangkok Insider – Lost in Bangkok looking for a legal high

July 9th ushered in a new era for Thailand with the legalization of the demonic weed but it’s not like out there at a 7-11 or Lotus express. There’s word on the interwebs that it can be purchased on the street in Khaosan Road so I hit the transport system and make my way there. I soon find out that Khaosan Road is a nighttime bonanza and there is nothing around at midday. I do have a google map location for a place called The Dispensary so I look for a bus route that will get me there. Another bus journey through the streets of Bangkok and I arrive at Lumpini Park. Just a short stroll and I find the location easily and wander inside. The staff there were only too happy for me to film inside, after all, there’s no illegal activity going on here. I get the low down on what’s available right now and some predictions on where this legalization might be headed.

Khaosan Road

The Dispensary

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