Bangkok Insider – The Bangkok Motor Show 2022

Before the Plandemic, we used to have 3 motor shows in Bangkok. The new normal has made that somewhat hit and miss but now that things are getting back to some normality, it looks like we may be getting back to the 3 shows per year. The Bangkok Motor Show is usually the first cab off the rank every year and this year we can see there is a big focus on EV motoring. Our main reason for the trip into the city was to give Todd a look at all the new car offerings in one place simply because he wants to buy a new car. Weekly shopping can be a challenge if you only have a motorcycle. As with all the motor shows, we got to see a few of the pretties but there is still a way to go to get the show back to what it was like and see the girls without masks. Todd has seen a car that would suit his needs here in Thailand so now the work starts for finding a dealership that wants to play ball with a cash sale to a foreigner. That can be a challenge too but we will keep you posted on that development.

IMPACT Challenger
อิมแพ็ค ชาเลนเจอร์ Hall 3

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