Bargain hunting at Kawasaki Motoaholic (การต่อรองราคาที่คาวาสากิ มอโตฮอลลิก)

Well, today we finally take a run out to our local Kawasaki Motoaholic shop and put a deposit on my new bike. I’ve requested a few factory mods on the Vulcan S Cafe which include Reduced Reach handlebars, a DC outlet so I can plug in some devices and a pillion backrest which makes long trips a little more comfortable. The sale price in 266k THB and the extras come in at around 9k but that also included a 3-year warranty and one year with 1st class insurance. In my book, this is a great price and I’ve been told the bike will be ready on the 20th of February.

Of course, now Chanya wants a new bike too so stay tuned for that set of videos soon to come.

Kawasaki Motoaholic

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