Category: Thailand Driving

Vlog 160 – Back to the Motor Expo to buy a Honda Civic

So after a week of family discussions, we head back to the Motor Expo and make application for Chanya’s new Honda Civic. Of course, I still have plans to get a new road bike but for now, we’ll just focus our plans on the new car. I am surprised at how simple the process is […]

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Vlog 153 – Checking out the second hand car dealers

With the Motor Expo starting at the end of this week, I thought it would be a great idea to go and check out the local used car dealerships and see how the prices stack up. For me, I still haven’t worked out how the new and used car market actually works in Thailand. Considering […]

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Vlog 138 – Driving in Thailand

We finally got around to fitting our car driving cameras to the Vios for a little-added safety. So now that we have it fitted, I give my thoughts about Thailand driving. One of our subscribers found a ‘badge-engineered’ version of this camera on Amazon, so here is the link:- Vantrue N3 Dual Dash Cam Here […]

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