Chanya wins the Thailand Lottery

The Thailand Lottery draw is held on the 1st and the 16th day of each month and you could say that everything stops for the draw. The hopes and dreams of many Thai’s are fulfilled or completely ruined for on these days but that doesn’t stop it being the highlight each month and only legal form of gambling in Thailand. Chanya has won quite a few small division prizes over the years but this is the big one where she one the 3rd division prize. The big first division prize in 6,000,000 baht with only one winner. The second division prize is 200,000 baht with 5 lucky people taking that prize and the 3rd division prize is a tidy 80,000 baht and has 10 lucky souls winning that prize. Chanya was one of those 10 people for this round and rather than take it to one of the local independent agents and paying a hefty conversion tax, she has decided it is worth the hours drive into the Thailand Lottery Office to maximize her return and only pay the mandatory government tax of 1%

Thailand Lottery Center

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