Christmas in Thailand

Christmas in Thailand is not like it was back in Australia. In part, you might have been looking forward to the 2-day holiday, and if you were lucky, you got to take the 3 following days off with paid leave to give you a whole week’s holiday, which also covered the new year. Of course, it was the only slow time in our company, so I usually had significant upgrades to perform on our server equipment, which meant working long hours over the break. Here in Thailand, Christmas is only a commercial venture, and everyone keeps working over the 2 days of Christmas. Then, of course, there are no chimneys in Thailand for Santa to come down! Hahaha!

Baan Sai Noi Kitchen Salaya
ครัวบ้านไทรน้อย สาขาศาลายา-มหาสวัสดิ์

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