Exploring Ayutthaya with Chanya and Katae

Embark on another enchanting journey through the ancient city of Ayutthaya as we delve deeper into its rich history and cultural treasures. Our exploration begins with a delightful lunch at Thanam View waterfront restaurant, chosen by Katae for its picturesque river views, setting the stage for a fulfilling culinary experience.

Accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, Katae leads us on a temple tour to uncover hidden gems within Ayutthaya. Venturing off the beaten path, we discover lesser-known temples such as Wat Pom Raman, renowned for its traditional Yak Sank Buddhist tattoos, and the venerable Wat Klang Khlong Sa Bua, boasting over 500 years of history and remarkable golden teak floors in its main temple structure.

Although information about these temples may be scarce, we rely on the insights of our companions, Chanya and Katae, to enrich our understanding of these sacred sites. As a curious tourist immersed in the wonders of this ancient city and its cultural heritage, I eagerly absorb every moment of this extraordinary journey.

Thanam View Restaurant Ayutthaya
ร้านท่าน้ำวิว อยุธยา

Wat Pom Raman

Wat Klang Khlong Sa Bua

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