Getting Chanya’s bike ready for Green book inspection (พารถจักรยานของชายันไปตรวจสอบหนังสือสีเขียว)

We need to take Chanya’s bike into the Land and Transport Department to have the bike inspected before they will issue a new Green Book for her bike. This requires us to refit the factory exhaust system back on the bike so we find the first grease monkey in our village who wants to do the work.

One of the most common motorcycle modifications here in Thailand is a sports exhaust system. They do vary in quality greatly with simple drilled out mufflers to the top end professional systems. Nearly every one of these is illegal but the police are overburdened with more serious infractions that it is most often overlooked. I’m sure all of these modifications is simply to make noise and it does seem that if something isn’t loud, it isn’t worth having – lol

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