Saturday , 20 April 2019

Getting my Tabien Baan and Thai ID Card (รับบัตรประชาชนไทยและสำเนาทะเบียนบ้าน)

So, I finally get things organized with my Thai family and we apply for my Tabien Baan. Apart from the running around to get the necessary document certifications, it proved to be a relatively simple process.

If you are planning on getting your name in the Tabien Baan, you will most likely find that the process I went through will be different from your experience as every Amphur will operate differently. The staff at our Amphur said that they process around 1 application per day for the yellow book and more than that will be declined before they start. I believe the reason I was accepted was due to the evidence of travelling to Thailand for at least 9 years, living continuously in Thailand for the last 18 months, and showing evidence that I am a participating member of Chanya’s family to be the critical factors for being accepted.

You can read the reference document I referred to here:-

Step 1 – Australian Embassy – Get a photocopy of my Passport notarized by the Australian Embassy

Step 2 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Get the notarized copy of my passport translated into Thai and have both documents certified.

Step 3 – Our Local Amphur – Take these documents to our local council office where 3 members of Chanya’s validate my application.

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