Hospital visit | Coffee with Lunch | And Shopping!

One thing that does come up a bit when living in Thailand is how making a scheduled booking works. Although I’ve not had any problems with the things I deal with, I see confusion reign when it comes to Thais’ doing Thai things like going to the doctor. Although it might not be clear with the event chain in the video, we took Mom to the hospital to confirm that her 1 pm appointment was still on the schedule. Indeed a phone call would have worked, but to the best of my understanding, that’s not what you do in Thailand. Of course, it was no big deal to drop in and check, but it did cut 30 minutes out of our schedule, and I wouldn’t say I like to rush things – lol. We did get our early lunch, and I got some interesting insights into specialty coffee and brewing tips from Doug at Kawa Coffee.

KAWA Coffee and Co.

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