How to date a Ladyboy in Thailand

I am still surprised by the number of questions I get on the subject of dating ladyboys here in Thailand. Quite honestly, it’s not rocket science, but then again maybe it is just that the people asking are a little shy to explore the wild side. Why do guys think it is going to be different from dating a regular girl?

I can see there may be some differences to a transgender relationship in western countries given the stereotypes and the LBGT movement, but over here the gurls are trying ever so hard to be accepted as female. Of course, the other difficulty I have in answering the genuine questions is that I’m not in the dating scene as I’ve been in a transgender relationship for over 10 years. This does make it difficult to give people the tips and tricks to win a gurls heart.

Anyway, it is a Saturday and Chanya wanted to visit our local market, so I do my best to broach the subject. I do hope to set up some interviews soon to talk to a few gurls and ask them what they are looking for in a relationship.

Thonburi Market
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