Lunch on the river with The General!

Join us on a delightful lunch outing with my Aussie friend Michael, also known as GenDesperado in the Twitch community, along with his lovely wife, Goi. Our paths crossed a few years back through the weird world of YouTube, and since then, our friendship has blossomed. An avid Twitch streamer, Gen, as we know him, has exciting plans for early retirement in Thailand alongside his Thai wife, Goi, whose family resides near us.

In this video, we rendezvous at a charming riverside restaurant to savour delicious cuisine and engage in lively conversations about the allure of Thailand and our mutual love for gaming. Connecting with fellow enthusiasts and sharing our experiences is always a pleasure.

Come along on this enjoyable journey as we celebrate friendship, food, and the joy of shared passions.

Check out Gen’s Twitch channel and smash that follow button!

Tara Terrace
ธารา เทอร์เรซ

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