Our local temple annual fair

Our local temple here in Nong Khang Phlu is Wat Wonglaparam and this week it is their turn to hold the annual fundraising festival. The whole thing has been running for a week now and the final day of the festival has a special turnout. The locals in the village prepare an assortment of food and drinks for the visitors and it is all free. Of course, you are expected to make a donation to the Temple while you’re here, but that’s just par for the course.

We visit the Temple to make merit during the day and partake in some of the food offerings. It is certainly a festive occasion and we come back during the evening to grab a bite to eat for dinner. The evening’s entertainment includes a free concert with live music and we had one vendor with a wall-of-death motorcycle stunt rider. I always feel these guys are reckless, but I guess it is no worse than local city riding.

Wat Wonglaparam

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