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What Tha ….! Thailand is always in a state of flux ????

Thailand consistently strives to improve conditions for foreigners and ex-pats, though the media often blurs the line between reality and sensationalism. The upper echelons of Thai government and society are keen to enhance their image, with saving face remaining a fundamental cultural concern. How do I handle the constant changes? …

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It’s Chanya’s Birthday!

Join us as we celebrate Chanya’s special day, marking another journey around the sun. She’s in charge today, and her first stop is a visit to a Buddhist temple to make merit and boost her luck. Feeling blessed, we head to a charming local café with a shaded pond for …

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Doing Business in Thailand

In today’s video, I had the pleasure of catching up with my good friend Trolls, who has firsthand experience in setting up businesses in Thailand. We discussed some key points and shared valuable insights. While we are not professional consultants, Trolls’ experiences provide a unique perspective that I find incredibly …

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