Saturday , 20 April 2019

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A short ride around Putthamonthon

In the last video, I took a run into Bangkok to get the gel seat upgrade but as I mentioned, Bob also sent me his Happy Cheeks seat pad to try out. It was a quick fitting and adjustment so wanted to just have a short cruise for an hour to see how it goes. I decided to head back …

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    Fitting a gel seat upgrade for the Vulcan

    Sorry guys, Chanya is not with me today, but I do take a run into Bang Na, Bangkok to visit Noi Watdan 24. My friend Bob had his Vulcan seat upgraded with a Gel insert last year and recommended this place. I’m sure some of the comfort issues for cruisers is solved by manufacturers like Harley Davidson by using a …

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      Wazza’s live chat Q&A (11th April – 7:00pm)

      It’s the eve before Songkran so it seemed like a good subject to start on. Mind you, the top story around the globe today is the arrest of Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy. This was probably his own fault given that he’s been a prisoner inside the Embassy for over 7 years and he recently had his visitor rights …

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