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Vlog 135 – The darkest day in Thailand’s recent history

Not many people outside Thailand know the events that took place on the 6th of October 1976, but for Thai’s, it is a time to make Merit and pray that things like that never happen again. If you aren’t familiar with the events that took place on the 6th, follow the wiki article below and […]

Vlog 134 – We buy the Note 8 at the Mobile Expo

Who’d have guessed that there would be 2 mobile phone expo’s in Bangkok this year. Just goes to show how popular these little bricks are in Thailand. Well, we’re off to buy the Samsung Note 8 and check out the pretty little sales girls – LoL We visited this expo earlier this year where I […]

Vlog 133 – Time to fix our water supply problem

The Thai’s seem to be non-confrontational about our ongoing water supply problem in Nong Khaem so I decided to fix it for our house at least. 6000 Baht for the water tank 1500 Baht for the plumber to install it 500 Baht to get our water pump working efficiently with new seals. The main problem […]

Vlog 132 – Terminal 21 meet-up with Kelvin

Today we take the BTS back into Sukhumvit at Asok to meet up with a good friend and subscriber at the Terminal 21 shopping mall. Kelvin has been a great channel supporter for the last year and it was wonderful to actually meet up with him. Terminal 21 brings the dream of travelling the world […]

Vlog 131 – Back to Ausawin market for Sunday dinner

Just finishing off the week and checking out Ausawin Market again as they are now open on Sunday and we want some food 🙂 Ausawin Market map reference Post Views: 195

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