Srinagarindra Train Night Market – Bug Eating – Vintage Cars

Experience a unique Friday night adventure as we journey to the Srinagarindra Train Night Market along the MRT Yellow Line. Despite encountering some hiccups earlier in the day with train issues, our excitement wasn’t dampened as we embarked on this culinary and automotive escapade.

Navigating through intermittent train frequencies and a brief walk from the station, we were greeted by a vibrant atmosphere adorned with an array of eateries and bars lining the route. Our anticipation soared as our friend Trolls, a seasoned explorer, recommended this market for its exotic delicacies – bugs. Though initially sceptical of this unconventional treat, we couldn’t resist indulging in Thailand’s culinary quirks.

Amidst our bug-eating expedition, we stumbled upon a delightful surprise – a collection of vintage cars that instantly captivated our attention. The unexpected encounter with custom hot rod cars being prepped further added to the thrill of our visit.

Venturing deeper into the market, we encountered a vendor offering a selection of edible insects, including mealworms, crickets, silkworm grubs, and even cockroaches. With Trolls as our guide, we daringly sampled the mealworms and were pleasantly surprised by their palatability. However, opting for a more conventional palate cleanser, we washed down our adventurous snack with a refreshing beer before indulging in a satisfying burger to round off the evening.

Join us on this exhilarating journey through the Srinagarindra Train Night Market, where culinary experimentation meets vintage charm, creating unforgettable memories and unexpected delights.

Srinagarindra Train Night Market
ตลาดนัดรถไฟ ศรีนครินทร์

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