Monday , 19 August 2019

A sunflower field in Nong Khaem? (ทุ่งดอกทานตะวันในหนองแขม?)

Now, who would have thought you’d find a sunflower field in the middle of Nong Khaem? I must admit, the small wonders of our local suburb must mirror the overall oddities we find throughout the places we’ve visited over the last 9 years. It only adds to the charm and wonders you’ll come across as you explore this country.

Anyway, aside from the stop to check out the sunflower field, we pop up to Om Nio to see Chai and Nan again, grab some dinner and make a promo video for their Facebook page.

Stay tuned into the end of the video where I add a full 20-minute ride at normal speed to the end of the video to give you an idea what it’s like riding a motorcycle around the suburbs.

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