Monday , 25 March 2019

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Levi Bellfield – 19th Mar 2019

Oh my god! what a douche this one is. He has certainly been butthurt about something to bring his religious nuttery into my realm. Why don’t to do the world a favour and strap on an exploding vest and turn it inside out and go talk to your imaginary friend in the sky. What a fucking nutjob you are! AccountID: …

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    Cyril Raskin – 13th Mar 2019

    This asshat simply has no life. I would guess he resents the fact that I’m free and have a beautiful transgender woman as my companion and he’s most likely married to some bush pig. Oh well Cyril, off to the sin bin with you – thanks for watching dickwad! AccountID:  

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      Mark Kay – 3rd Mar 2019

      Another bottom feeder who is scared someone is going to hold him down and fuck him up the ass. Some people really have a hardon for anything related to LGBT issues. Thanks for the view dickwad and hope you come back soon! AccountID:

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        Derek Romney – 2nd Mar 2019

        Here’s another angry troll who’s been haunting YouTube for quite some time. He’s totally out of his depth with anatomy and medicine and thinks he’s the one-stop repository for all knowledge. Hey Derek, go get a life and get the fuck off YouTube. Just another typical homophobe and wouldn’t be missed if he was sodomised and beheaded by a gang …

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          Carlos Arevalo – 26th Feb 2019

          First up, it’s none of your fucking business Carlos. Secondly, learn to fucking read dickwad. Just another example of someone who wants to change the world to fit into their narrow-minded view of how the world runs. More than likely, he browses porn sites looking for transgender videos to see if they have a bigger dick than he does. What …

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