Tuesday , 18 December 2018

Take 2 for my Visa Run (การเข้ารับวีซ่าครั้งที่สอง)

So today we take a second run at my retirement visa renewal. Last week I had a problem with the bank reporting where they wanted the certification letter dated the same day as the renewal visit. This meant that I needed to head to Citibank in Asoke as the first leg of the journey. I can tell you, I would hate to do the city commute every day in a car that’s for sure.

There was no time spent at the bank as I had prearranged the visit as last time so was only there for 10 minutes. The second leg was to fight the traffic north out of the city again and head to Immigration. This second run wasn’t so bad given the peak hour had subsided, but it still meant we didn’t get the queue ticket until 11:15 am. Immigration closes between 12 pm and 1 pm so we didn’t get into the cubical until 2 pm. The clerk processed the paperwork quickly and we paid the 1,900 baht for the renewal. We waited an additional 30 minutes after that to get my passport back and still to this day I have no idea why they make you wait after all the processing is done.

Anyway, we finally make it home around 4 pm so it was a long day, but thankfully, we only need to do this once each year.

Thailand Immigration Office

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