Thai street food, living free in Thailand

If you have spent any time living in Thailand, you’ll already know food is the most essential part of Thai society. The best part about food here in Thailand is that you rarely need to cook for yourself as you’ll find pop-up food stalls everywhere. We are on the cusp right now where Thai eateries will once again be open for sit down food so someone else will have to deal with the washing up. It’s been 2 months since the lockdown measures were introduced and I feel we’re all suffering from cabin fever so things might get back to some normality soon. One thing is certain though and that is that Street food is still an essential part of Thai life. The daily run to find food is also quite unique here compared to our modern western society. I’m sure we’ll get our snowflakes having their say about their safety concerns, but that’s ok because we’re living free here in Thailand and they aren’t!

Our 7-Eleven

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