The Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2022

It is a good sign that things are returning to normal when Thailand has again organized the 4th Bangkok Hotrod Custom Show. Thai custom and hot rod players are skilled at creating cars and bikes, designing them, and decorating them, and they are not inferior to any other nation in the world. 100s of souped-up motorbikes and pimped cars, competitions for the best wheels, live music, beer and food until midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Not so many hotties in mini-skirts this year, but it has been a while since the last show. They hosted the event at the Secret Safehouse on the western side of the river this year, and you can see just how much water we’re dealing with coming down from the mountains as it was slowly encroaching in the warehouse district and our Hot Rod Custom event. A few of our gang came along to check it out, and we all had a great time looking at all the blinged-out vehicles.

Secret Safehouse

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