The challenges of making a house a home

It’s the Thai new year and nearly every furniture shop is closed for Songkran. Chanya did find one shop open in Ratchaburi which is a good 70 km away from our house but we had nothing better to do. Thankfully the roads were relatively clear for the drive out so it was a nice Thursday outing. Even though the shop had a 50% off sale, I did manage to get out of there without spending anything. The furniture looked really nice there but most was quite over the top for functional design. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant and then made our way back to the city. We stopped off at another hardware store to compare more prices and then went home.

Well Living

The Barn House & Farm
โรงนา ราชบุรี

Global House
โกลบอลเฮ้าส์ ศาลายา

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