The Coconut Garden Cafe and Bistro

Two days after I shot this video, a general lockdown of Bangkok and adjacent provinces was announced. Therefore, this will be the last of the current series of Cafe Bistro visits we’ll be doing because the cafe’s and restaurants can only serve takeaway meals until further notice. I will do my best to keep the videos coming for some lite entertainment in these difficult times so stay tuned.

Of course, let’s not take the spotlight away from this charming bistro out in the commercial garden areas of the Nakhon Pathom province. This wasn’t the planned bistro on our list, but as things are shutting down everywhere, the planned destination was closed when we arrived. Not to worry, this bistro was next on our list so we continued our drive west to check it out and have lunch.

The cafe is set on a backdrop of a coconut plantation where you can choose many spots to relax and enjoy the copious servings of food on the menu. You might choose to take your shoes off and paddle in the water at some of the seating areas or take a canoe and paddle around the waterways. Chanya wasn’t all that confident getting into the canoe so we gave that a miss. The food was wonderful and very filling so we were quite satisfied with the price. After lunch, the owner was keen to tell us about their homestay options as well. I’m guessing that will be off the books during the lockdown, but the cost did sound very reasonable at 1500 baht for 2-3 people or 2500 baht for a group up to 10 people. It might be a fun place to hang out with how salon crew buddies once the lockdown has passed.

Cafe’ สวนมะพร้าว&ซีฟู้ด

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