The Holy Hartland – Thung Talay Luang

There are some historical landmarks around the Sukhothai province and some not-so-historical sites like The Holy Heartland – Thung Talay Luang. Finding historical details about the location can be difficult. Still, from my understanding, it was initiated by King Rama 9 after the major flooding that occurred in the mid-90s as a water catchment area for the region. The design was to convey a message of love and harmony. It was obvious that the place is used for some special events, but aside from the aerial photography opportunities, it seems like a lot of mowing for an out-of-work Thai.

The Holy Heartland – Talayluang
ทุ่งทะเลหลวง ( แผ่นดินรูปหัวใจ ) สุโขทัย

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