Wednesday night in Phetkasem

Nothing special going on today while out doing the monthly shopping at Phetkasem Big-C. A quick rundown of the events coming up for the next weekend and some thoughts on our channel.

Chanya loves the market stalls outside the Big-C at Phetkasem. Doing the weekly vlogs, I sometimes find it challenging to come up with topics to talk about. Our regular channel followers enjoy the simple walk around chats, but the new visitors can get put out thinking that I ramble on about nothing.

Our channel is focused on people considering Thailand as an early retirement destination and what they might find themselves doing on a weekly basis given that they are not working.

Big-C Phetkasem

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It’s street food lunch at Wat Rai Khing

For something different today, we stop off at our local temple to get some street food for lunch.

She keeps telling me her diet starts tomorrow!

She was a little sad today as the restaurant she chose was closed, but we settled for Hachiban instead!

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