Wednesday , 17 October 2018

Thailand Motor Expo 2017 – Part 1

Well, it’s that time of the year to head across to the Thailand Motor Expo at the Impact Arena. Chanya wants a new car!

As I was mentioning in earlier blogs, I really find it difficult to understand how the average Thai family can afford one of these new cars. Chanya has had her heart set on the Honda Civic for as long as we’ve been together and I did have plans to get one next year, but she puts up a compelling argument to purchase one from the Motor Expo because they throw in all the extras for the standard price. This was the same when we went to the Mobile Phone Expo and it does seem to be an accepted part of the Thai consumerism culture.

Anyway, apart from part 2 of this outing which will be out on Thursday, we will be heading back to the Expo this week to look at how we can leverage the finance for it.

Impact Arena

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