Wazza’s live chat Q&A (9th May 2019)

I was chatting with Stephen last night and thought of an idea to run a livestream with footage of a recent motorcycle ride playing in the background. We really didn’t know how it would turn out but from the look of it, people found it quite enjoyable.

The discussion today was varied and covered a few topics but then I mentioned I had a Line account and did anyone want to come on voice. This prompted me to quickly make up a Line group and add a few of my existing contacts to it. We were then joined by Jonny Rotten (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_01XVVKKBVhRY2LPz9B0Q), a fellow YouTuber and he joined in on the conversation. As this was quite impromptu, the audio balance needed some work and I hope we can perfect this more as time goes by. I’m unable to sample the mixing without creating a 10-second feedback loop so I was limited to an audio level slider on Streamlabs to see what might work. Another 10dB would have been better for everyone but we live and learn.

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