Sunday , 13 October 2019

Wednesday Ride west for Lunch

Today we take a short ride out to a riverside restaurant with an interesting recent history. In the closing months of 2017, there was a mishap on the river with a rice barge and a bridge. You can check out the video footage here is you like

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident and apparently, the driver of the barge couldn’t lose his licence, because he didn’t have one.
Well, apart from the local history, the food was great and if you’re out this way, you might think of stopping in for a bite to eat.

Father’s Kitchen

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    Interesting vid especially the mishap with the barge and the bridge.

    LMAO when you commented on the winter in the US, 2017, that was the coldest in a generation. I recall that newscast including watching it on the BBC. Those temperatures are typical of a winter in Edmonton. Of course the media here poked fun at the US because they thought it was so cold!! hahaha

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