Welcome to our Empyrion Server

Welcome to this Empyrion Galactic Survival server. This server has been brought to you from the creative endeavours of The Kallisti Liberation Front and Dark Horizons Discord gaming groups. The server is available as a public access Empyrion server and we do our best to keep it up to date. If you do have technical issues, you are encouraged to join our Discord and let us know, but you’ll find that most bugs are already known and outside our control. Elyon is a small Indi game studio and quite actively doing their best to keep the game fresh and swatting bugs.

Server Configuration

Server Name: Discordia
Max Size Class = 7
AutoMinerDepletion: True
Degradation: Normal
Friendly fire is off
Slow player progression
Public Server with no password
Random restarts (as needed)
CPU Points Enabled
Volume Weight Enabled
No Underground Turrets
Factory Blueprints: All up to size 7
POI’s set for regeneration at 7 days and Asteroid have a 3-day regen (Except for the starter planets)
PvE planets are rare and hard to find.
There are 4 starting planets and if needed I will reset base ore deposits randomly to seed more starting materials when depleted.
Building underground is not advised on the starter planets and a planet materials reset will fill in all the holes!
Game format: Survival multi-player randomly generated

Here are the rules: The link to these rules is on our join panel and our Discord panel so don’t say you didn’t know where to find them!

1. Do not make the server admins make more rules

2. Don’t be a dick!

3. Remember, this has many known bugs. We will do what we can to assist you with lost ships etc, but it is a survival game and you need to plan to survive. When you get the server restart warning, exit the game as early as possible. You may lose recently gained loot if you leave it until the last minute!

4. Always name your vehicles. Given all the known bugs, unnamed vehicles will be deleted and it helps us locate lost equipment.

5. Be courteous to other players. PvP is PvP Remember that. I don’t care what the circumstances are – If you are in a PvP biome, expect problems because that’s the point of PvP – Player VS Player.

6. Do not build in or block the Warp/Spawn in points of any playfields! That’s just a dik move and we will deal with it!

7. Do NOT Leave ships near the atmosphere of a planet!! They can glitch and end up glitching others passing by in their ships. Violating ships will be destroyed!!

8. Donations are EXACTLY that. They do not buy favour or pull in our community. They help us pay for the server, and add to everything we do!

9. Please report bugs in our Empyrion discord text channel. Remember, this game is still Alpha and has regular updates which mean new bugs and fixes every update. We will try and fix the bugs that we have created wherever possible.

10. Naming characters or factions after sexual innuendos or racial comments will get you banned!

11. Please keep things courteous and clean! We may have children on this server. Use your best judgement in voice chat!

12. Want us to add something to the server? Have a contribution to make? Need information? or just a General Chat? Come and talk to us on our Discord channel.

You can reach the admins on our Discord Channel