Friday , 22 February 2019


One of the things that make YouTube a cesspool is their lack of ability to police the policies they right up in their terms of service. The world of the eDouches or iTrolls is governed by their ability to be anonymous and say whatever they want which is primarily narrow-minded and falls under the auspice of free speech. On YouTube, if I make any attempt to retort or expose these asshats, I will get a community strike so the whole system is one-sided and the creators have to be on their best behaviour. Of course, I really don’t give a toss what they say or who they are. YouTube gives the creator the ability to mute these individuals so that they don’t infect the community at large. Of course, they probably don’t know they have had their opinions suppressed given that they probably have no idea how YouTube works and of course, they can see the vitriol they extol so all is good in their world.

In my world, that is totally fine because YouTube ranks the creator based on the views they create where they can serve their adds. They also rank the channel on the watch time of the creator’s audience as well, so everytime a muted eDouche drops by and spends time with their garbage, they are on the YouTube site where YouTube has the potential to serve adds which is their business model. Of course, as they have been muted, I can’t really expose these asshats so that other creators can see what has been said about me, my family, my friends or my community. Facebook have their ‘Jail’ system which keeps these trolls at an arm’s length, but there is no mechanism within the YouTube system to highlight the abuse of their set terms and conditions.

So, this page is where I am going to keep a record of these idiots and expose them. Yes, they can run off and make other trolling accounts which is their right. This is my website and I can now say whatever the hell I want about these lowlife cretins. Feel free to add your feedback and maybe we can have a bit of fun at their expense!

Son Nhu Nguyen – 18th Jan 2019

Ok, so this idiot is not so much a Troll. He really falls into the simple idiot class, which I already pointed out after his first post. Sorry, I don’t have time for idiots so learn some grammar and how to spell dickhead! As you can see from the first post, he thought he needed to save someone from something that simply …

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    Barry Crocker – 18th Jan 2019

    How I talk to my partner is none of your god damned fucking business dickwad! And what sort of name is Barry Crocker anyway Paul. Good to see you’re still watching my videos even though you were muted before. Off to the naughty box you go – lol Account ID:

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      Graham Cameron – 14th Jan 2019

      Here we have an idiot who thinks his comment has more impact if he types in capitals. Then again, maybe he’s just a complete moron and doesn’t know how to take the caps lock off on his keyboard. I honestly don’t think this guy could contribute anything to the community I’m building or the YouTube community in general so he’s …

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        John Smith – 13th Jan 2019

        Here’s another douchebag who is obviously butthurt about gender equality. Quite frankly, it is none of his goddamned fucking business what pronoun I refer my partner as. He can hide behind his john doe pseudonym but he’s just another no-name wanker as far as I’m concerned. What a keyboard warrior wanker this one is. Just another asshat been thrown on the trash heap …

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          Peter Tobin – 9th Jan 2019

          Here is a perfect example of someone who is totally disconnected from reality. It is also something that I could file a defamation case against him simply because the statement is false and meant to provoke a response. Personally, I don’t give a damn what these idiots say, they are either but hurt about something in their life or a complete horror show …

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