Wednesday , 11 December 2019

10 things to avoid in Thailand

I was watching a dashcam video which went viral on Facebook about a BMW driver being a real asshat which got me thinking about what people should avoid here in Thailand. Feel free to add more to the comment section below, but here is the 10 that came to mind for this video. I keep saying that Thailand is no bed of roses. We quite often get the sugar coated stories but Thailand is not devoid of the scams and unsavoury aspects of humanity in general. Here is my spin on some of those things you should avoid if you want to enjoy your visit or stay here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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  1. Avatar

    Good things to know, Wazza. I have found most non Western countries are based on a cash society versus a credit society and if you want to use the credit card then you have to pay the premium of a couple percentage points.

    Wazza, any woman, any where in the world loves to be taken shopping…lol

    • Warren Gerdes

      I don’t know about other western countries, but In Australia, credit is the natural way to purchase anything and every transaction has a surcharge! The worst part about it is that it is a build in slavery system and once you start using credit, you are locked into a system you have a hell of a time getting out of. Chanya only has a Debit card here and so do I and even those systems over here generally get hit with a transaction charge. I prefer paying with cash unless I feel it is unsafe to carry around large wads of cash to pay for those big-ticket items. Thankfully, they are very rare here and you can usually organise an alternative payment process.

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