90-Day check-in and Visa renewal

We head back into Bangkok Immigration to run the gauntlet again with the 90-day check-in and my O-A Retirement Visa extension. The trick here is to get tickets in both queues and keep your fingers crossed that both numbers don’t get called at the same time.

While waiting in the L-queue for the visa extension, I could see that the 90-day check-in was going to be called up at roughly the same time so I grabbed another 90-day queue ticket as a backup. No one likes hanging around in long queues so you need to get creative.

Well, even though my bank said that the bank statement needed to show a transaction within the last 3 days of presentation to immigration, the certifying letter MUST be signed on the day you visit the immigration office. No one can explain the logic for this to me and it is really frustrating that’s for sure. I think I’ll be looking at changing banks very soon because it looks to me that Thailand Immigration has an issue with Citibank for some reason. It might be because they are an international (foreign) bank and Thailand doesn’t have full insight into their records or something like that. I am only speculating but it was some strange body language I was reading when I inquired why the cover letter needed to be signed on the day of renewal.

Oh well, as we say, This is Thailand!

Immigration: Government Complex

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