Saturday , 4 April 2020

A casual Wednesday shopping

If you’re choosing to live here in Thailand, you’ll soon find that day to day living will present a few problems. One of those problems that I have noticed is that unless you know where to find the information on sales and bargains, you’ll always be paying the farang price. Warehouse sales pop up all over the place but there is no easy way to find them unless you are living here with Thai nationals. Thankfully, between Chanya, Chanya’s mom and the other women around the house, I find I’m always being asked to chauffeur them around to sale events. Do I have a problem with being the chauffeur? Not at all! It gets me out of the house and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with my girl. This Toto sale is quite typical of the things I get to see and it gives me a unique snapshot of the Thai lifestyle.

Chanya is looking for a comforter to keep at the Salon. She does find herself spending more time at the salon to do special commissions which require her to sleep there for an early start. While wandering around, I take a few minutes to talk about our new Discord server hangout location. This is proving to be popular for a few of our channel followers and everyone is welcome to join in. If you haven’t registered there already, follow this link and get on there!

The Kallisti Liberation Front Discord

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