A new home for Chai and Nan

Our friends Chai and Nan have just put down a deposit on their new house in Samut Sakhon so we take a run out there to check out what they have bought. This village is about 20 minutes from Chanya’s salon, so I didn’t think she would be interested in the location. After spending an hour there looking at the display version of the style, I could see she was calculating. Although the terrace version our friends purchased was great, she instantly took a liking to the fully detached version in the “English” style. I still can’t see any resemblance to English or French architecture as the brochures make reference too, but hey, this is Thailand!

Chanya said that she really liked these houses, and given that Chai and Nan will be living there too, I can certainly see us making the move here once the finance is approved. Out of all the places we’ve seen so far, this location is by far the best. It is still early days though and we’re still in discussion with the bank so we’ll probably keep looking at other options.

Neraville Estate

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