Bangkok Insider – Navigating Bangkok by BTS and MRT

The ever-changing landscape of Bangkok can be difficult to navigate and most visitors rely on the Taxi system to get around but with that, you need to deal with the traffic. To this day, I still feel the light rail network in Bangkok, that is the BTS Skytrain and the MRT Underground serves my needs 90% of the time. The question about how to better show locations came up in our chats as I didn’t realize that getting to the video description was in a difficult-to-reach location on mobile and TV viewing. That’s where I’ve been dripping map locations for the places we go, thinking it’s pretty easy to find and use to navigate. We’ll see how the feedback works for doing it with some overlay. Aside from that, as we show here, the Bangkok BTS and MRT systems work great for the majority of things I find myself doing when I get to Bangkok.


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