Bangkok Insider – Silom and the Patpong Nightlife

The talk of the town around Bangkok right now is the reopening of Thailand for foreign tourists. Of course, in my mind, the people making the decisions have no idea why tourists come to Thailand. They seem to think it is the Temples, Shopping and the Food but for the high spending westerners who visit, the Nightlife is what makes Bangkok “the city that never sleeps”. Every westerner that I’ve spoken to always remembers that “one night in Bangkok” or their “first night in Bangkok” which totally blew their mind (and/or their wallet). Of course, we are talking about the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok where you can meet a goddess on every corner and if you’re lucky, that goddess is a she. The streets of Silom and especially Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 have slid down the ranks of popularity over the last 10 years and since the Plandemic, the place has been shuttered and most of the nightclub venues have closed and been bordered up with very little chance that they will open again at all. There are a few places that will survive, but that’s a story for another vlog.

Thanon Patpong 1

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